Our Guide To Lock Grades

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    The security of our homes and businesses largely depends on the quality and grade of locks we choose. But how do you determine which lock grade suits your needs? Our guide to lock grades delves into the different types and their features.

    Understanding Lock Grades

    The grade of a lock is primarily an indicator of its durability, security level, and how well it can withstand frequent use and potential break-ins.

    Lock Grade Table

    Grade Durability (Cycles) Use Cases Security Level
    1 800,000+ Commercial High
    2 400,000 – 799,999 Residential Medium
    3 Below 400,000 Light Residential Low
    • Grade 1: Best for commercial settings. It can withstand frequent use and is highly secure.
    • Grade 2: Ideal for home use and offers a balance between durability and security.
    • Grade 3: Suitable for areas that require minimal security, such as internal doors.

    Our Experts Can Help

    Selecting the right lock grade is just the beginning. You need experts who understand installation, maintenance, and the nuances of each grade. This is where we come in. We offer:

    • Expertise gained from years in the industry.
    • A wide range of services, ensuring we cater to every locking need.
    • Quick response times, especially in emergency situations.

    Our Service Areas

    1. Lock Installation
    2. High-Security Locks
    3. Lockout Service
    4. 24-hour Locksmith
    5. Residential Locksmith in Hamilton
    6. Commercial Locksmith in Hamilton
    7. Safe Opening
    8. Door Locks Service
    9. Replacement Key Services
    10. Mobile Locksmith

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between mechanical locks and electronic locks?

    Mechanical locks rely on physical components, such as keys and tumblers. In contrast, electronic locks utilize technologies like key fobs, codes, or biometric data. You can further understand this by reading our detailed post on mechanical locks vs. electronic locks.

    How often should a business rekey its locks?

    This depends on various factors including staff turnover, security breaches, or lost keys. For businesses, regular rekeying ensures security. Dive deeper into this topic in our article about how often businesses in Hamilton should rekey their locks.

    Are Grade 3 locks suitable for external doors?

    Generally, Grade 3 locks are for internal doors due to their lower security level. For external doors, it’s advisable to opt for Grade 1 or 2. Learn more about the differences in lock grades.

    What should I do if I’m locked out of my house?

    First, don’t panic. Check for unlocked windows or doors. If unsuccessful, call a professional locksmith service like ours. Read our guide on how to unlock a door without a key for more insights.


    Ensuring the safety of our homes and businesses starts with understanding and selecting the right lock grades. With various options available, choosing becomes a crucial decision. Need advice on lock grades or any other lock-related query? Dive deep into our locksmith tips and tricks or better yet, contact us today! Your security is our utmost priority.

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