How Often Should A Business In Hamilton Rekey Its Locks?

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    No business owner in Hamilton wants his place of business to experience a break-in.

    So as much as possible, you should install locks and strengthen the security measures on your property.

    This is not only to protect your assets and confidential information.

    More importantly, securing your business will reassure your employees and clients that your business is safe and reliable.

    One way to increase your building security is to rekey your locks.

    But how often should a business in Hamilton rekey its locks?

    Our expert locksmiths will answer this question and other concerns in this article.

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    When To Rekey A Business in Hamilton

    If you’re a business owner, you should rekey your place of business between half a year to two years.

    Increasing your privacy and security will positively affect your business’ reputation.

    Even if nothing suspicious happened or there’s no threat to your security, we still recommend you rekey after six months to 2 years.

    However, in case your security has been compromised, you need to rekey your business as soon as possible.

    You’ve fired an employee.

    Like evictions, firing an employee is a frustrating and unpleasant event.

    The leaving party may hold a grudge against your company for firing them.

    So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    You must rekey your business to void out the fired employee’s access to your company.

    Though it might sound impractical to rekey your workplace every time an employee leaves, it’s for the security of your business.

    You’ve recently experienced an invasion.

    Being broken into is an indication that your building has a weak security system.

    Thus, it’s high time to improve your security and safety by changing your locks and rekeying them.

    If you have the budget, you could upgrade your locking devices to more advanced ones.

    But if not, you can simply rekey your locks.

    You’ve noticed that several items in your workplace are missing

    If you’re losing things and there isn’t a sign of forced entry, the intruder might have a key to your place.

    This is most likely to happen if you or your employee has lost a key or it got stolen.

    Someone might have found it and took the opportunity to break into your place of business using the key.

    If you notice that your security is already compromised, you should rekey your locks to increase security.

    You want to have a master key system.

    Businesses can benefit a lot if they employ a master key system.

    This is true, especially if your building has several rooms and you want different authorized people to access them.

    By switching to a master key system, a master will operate on all the locks in your place of business.

    This will make it easier for you to control the access of your employees to your facilities.

    It’s also expedient during lockouts because you have a master key to unlock your door.

    You transferred to a new workplace.

    You must rekey your new place if your company has moved into it.

    The reason behind this is that previous owners may still have access to your workplace since they have the old key.

    When you rekey, however, a different key will operate your locks.

    As a result, the previous tenants won’t enter your building since their keys will no longer work.


    How often should a business in Hamilton rekey its locks?

    Our professional locksmiths recommend that you do so after six months to two years.

    If there is an imminent threat to your security, you must rekey earlier to ensure your safety and security.

    When you invest in the security of your business, your clients and employees will trust you more.

    Additionally, the former will also work more efficiently since they are confident that they are safe.

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