Door Closer Installation

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    A door closer functions as a stopper between the door and the jamb when you open or close the door slabs.

    Without a door closer, expect glass doors to bang and swing heavily around the frame.

    If you see an angular arm and a box installation on top of the door frame, it’s the door closer attached to the door slabs.

    As such, many owners add a door closer installation on top of getting installation for brand new locks.

    Despite being an accessory to the entire door system, door closers make life easier.

    If you’re a business operating heavily without any stops, you can’t possibly get up and open your door frame in the establishment every single time.

    The door closer acts as the barrier between the door and the frame.

    You don’t need to get up and walk towards the door when a customer doesn’t close your entry correctly.

    The door closer will smoothly and slowly swing the doors back to its place.

    While the door closer has a simple function, the installation process of these devices requires a lot of accuracy and skill.

    When you need someone to install a brand new door closer, give Hamiltons Locksmith a call to do the job for you.

    We have given door closer installation works across town for many businesses and residences.

    You don’t need to find another team for another location to do the service.

    All you need to do is pick the most compatible door closer for your needs.

    Overhead door closer

    An overhead door closer is the most common type of closer to all doors.

    It’s also the most apparent door closer as it is directly on top of the door frame.

    Most overhead door closers consist of an angular arm and a box operation unit that may or may not slide along parallel tracks on the door.

    One end of the arm is attached to the door slab and the box unit; the other end is attached to the top of the jamb.

    The operational box has a spring that limits the force to close the door slowly.

    Concealed door closer

    Concealed closers take more skill to spy from a distance.

    As it is usually integrated into the door frame or floor threshold of the frame, you won’t see it right away.

    A concealed door closer doesn’t have an arm; instead, the box unit is probably within the door panels, which you can’t see.

    The closer arm is flatter and doesn’t protrude from the threshold of the door jamb.

    Sometimes, the only way you’ll know there’s a door closer is when you open the door.

    Floor spring closer

    Another closer that is less prominent and visible from a  distance is the floor spring closer.

    Like the concealed door closer, a floor spring works precisely as its name.

    Instead of an angular closer arm, a bar goes within the closer, which acts as the floor spring that closes the door.

    The floor spring closer typically consists of a box you will install through a cutout on the floor and slides towards the bottom of the door panel.

    Floor spring closers are more common in commercial settings.

    Surface mount closer

    The surface mount closer is a type of overhead door closer.

    It operates the same way where there is an attached box unit to the door slab.

    One end of the angular arm is connected to the operational box, and the other end is on the top of the door frame on the door jamb.

    The surface mount closer is smaller in size than other door closers.

    This type of closer also has a lot of customization available, so you can choose a model that matches the door design.

    Get an installation appointment with our team for the closer model of your choice

    We are Hamiltons Locksmith, and we provide door closer installations in town.

    It takes precision and accuracy to install closers, as these items should have the proper angle and position to provide the optimal force for the door.

    If you install the door closer too far, the door may end up snapping and swinging violently across the frame.

    If you install the door closer too close, you may have problems with the speed and movement of the door slabs.

    Because of this, our team is here to give our services in town.

    Book a job with our team of locksmiths in Hamilton.

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