Deadbolt Installation

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    An expert can prefer many types of locks in the market for you.

    One of those locks is the deadbolt, one of the most durable and effective security locks.

    If this is the type of lock you have in your house, a burglar will have difficulty accessing your home.

    On the other hand, criminals could easily break into your property if your house has a standard security lock.

    As a result, your life would be put in danger.

    At Hamiltons Locksmith, we offer high-quality and durable locks for our customers.

    So, if you want to upgrade your safety and security and to prevent burglars from entering your home, call Hamiltons Locksmith.

    We provide a practical and good quality of locksmith services.

    We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties.

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    Deadbolt Lock

    A deadbolt is one of the famous locks because of its durability and effectiveness.

    By providing the correct key, you can open it by rotating the key inside.

    Also, a deadbolt is heavier than an ordinary lock you can find in markets.

    That’s why we highly recommend you to purchase this type of lock to upgrade your security for the safety of your home and family.

    Pickers or thieves can instantly open any lock that is spring-operated.

    Fortunately, the deadbolt is not one of those locks.

    That’s because a deadbolt has a strong locking mechanism with extra layers of resistance compared to a typical lock on the market.

    The two types of deadbolt can be classified as:

    Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

    This deadbolt accepts only the correct key and operates by a rotating knob.

    Double-Cylinder Deadbolt

    This lock will not have any twisting knob and will only allow keys on each side.

    However, it doesn’t indicate that a deadbolt is life-changing, but it will help you upgrade your safety and security to prevent criminals from breaking into your home.

    Contact your trusted expert locksmith to help you install one.

    Deadbolt Lock Advantages

    One benefit of a deadbolt is that it has a very durable locking mechanism that even professional pickers will have difficulty opening.

    A deadbolt lock is made of brass, steel, and bronze, causing the bolt to be stronger.

    There are many types of locks, from high-quality brands to local ones in the market.

    But, if you’ll buy a lock, check if it has a number on it.

    American National Standard Institute or ANSI made the numbers on the locks.

    The digits you see on your lock indicate their specialty and durability.

    The deadbolt is one of those high-quality ANSI locks.

    A hammer or wrenched is not enough to destroy or wreck a deadbolt.

    That’s why deadbolt locks are highly recommended, especially if you have a newly built house.

    When Is The Right Time Install A Deadbolt Lock

    Security must be your first concern when you move to a new place.

    The reason for this is the previous owner might still have the old keys in your place.

    That’s why to avoid having any conflict, and you should immediately change your lock.

    On the other hand, if you’ve been in a situation where a burglar accessed your home and stole your stuff, consider getting a solid lock.

    We highly suggest you install this type of deadbolt to reduce the change of burglary.

    Also, if you feel that your community is full of thieves or criminals, don’t hesitate to enhance your home security.

    Sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts to keep you away from trouble.

    Call a locksmith if you need to enhance your security.

    Hire Professional Locksmiths

    If you feel you need to tighten your home security, hire an expert locksmith with years of experience in the business.

    Find a trustworthy locksmith with knowledge and skill that can install a deadbolt effectively and correctly.

    Additionally, the experts provide you with good security that could last for a long time.

    This will prevent any criminal from breaking into your property.

    But, please take note to hire locksmiths based on their longevity in the business and not inexperienced ones.


    At Hamiltons Locksmith, your security and safety are our top priority.

    You can call us any time of the day from Monday to Friday, including weekends.

    If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact our company.

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