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    Need a Lock Installation?

    A complete set of doors must have a lock for security purposes.

    If your door doesn’t have one, you’re prone to burglars and criminals that could put your life at risk.

    Hence, we suggest you invest in a high-quality and security lock to avoid bad situations.

    These high-quality locks can either be smart, lever, or the most popular deadbolt lock.

    Any door type needs a reliable and sturdy lock for security and safety measures.

    Because we value our customers, we provide a lock installation service at Hamiltons Locksmith.

    If you need to enhance your security, we have a team of certified locksmiths in Hamilton to provide you with the best lock for your property.

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    Different Locks That You Can Select For Your Door

    Each lock in the market has its security and designs.

    The most typical type of locks in the market is knob locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and lever handles.

    The padlocks are used to secure small boxes, and it’s not recommended to use them on doors.

    On the other hand, the most common lock used on doors is the knob lock.

    However, knob locks are too weak that a criminal can instantly break them.

    So, we don’t recommend you buy a knob lock for your property.

    Additionally, knob locks are almost similar to lever locks which are not strong enough to guard your home.

    You can use these padlocks and knob locks as extra protection together with a deadbolt.

    Now that we’re on the deadbolt topic, this lock is the most popular and durable you can find on the market.

    Moreover, deadbolts passed and were in the top 1 based on ANSI or American National Standard Institute.

    This means that deadbolts are graded as number 1, and it’s the strongest and solid lock you can have for your front door.

    There are two types of deadbolts: the single-cylinder and the double cylinder.

    A single-cylinder deadbolt is a typical deadbolt that can be unlocked with a key on one side.

    While on the other hand, a double cylinder deadbolt can be open with two keys on both sides.

    These locks are tough to open for any pickers or criminals out there.

    So, investing in a high-quality lock can strengthen your home’s security.

    Why Do You Need To Go For Lock Installation Service

    If you’re newly moving to a home or place, lock installation is needed to ensure the security of your family in case of burglary.

    That’s because you must prioritize your and your family’s safety after you move into a new place.

    These locks are your primary safeguard against all intruders out there.

    Without a reliable and robust lock, your life could be at risk.

    A professional intruder can easily access your home if you have compromised security.

    Thus, to prevent this kind of situation, we highly suggest you install a good quality lock on the main entryway and back door.

    Also, if your locks are rusty and old, it’s the right time to go for a lock installation service.

    A locksmith will quickly change your old lock with a more secure and safe one.

    Additionally, you should order a new set of extra keys if you lose the original one.

    Locks have many uses for your property, such as buying one for your filing cabinet to secure your essential files.

    In this way, your thing will only be accessed by you.

    Get Help From Professionals

    If you want to have a good lock for your door, don’t try to install one by yourself, or you might end up having compromised security.

    Do not try installing a lock by yourself, or you might end up having weak security.

    Additionally, you might injure yourself during the lock installation.

    So, we recommend letting the professional handle the job to make things easier and correctly.

    Furthermore, you should hire a professional only and not an amateur one.

    Amateur ones can offer you a cheap material for a low price, but you can have a problem with your lock over time.

    So, you should only trust professional locksmiths with years of experience in the business.

    Hamilton’s Locksmith Services

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    You can call us at any time as we are available on all days of the week.

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