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    It’s inconvenient to have different keys for the rooms inside your house or commercial property.

    You need to carry these keys around and deal with the annoying clanking noises they make.

    You can solve this problem with a master key lock system.

    As you can guess from its name, this lock system will employ a master key that can operate different locks on your property.

    That means no more noisy and heavy keys to bring with you.

    If you want to switch to this master lock system, give us a call.

    Hamiltons Locksmith will help you transition to this system efficiently.

    Our expert locksmiths will handle your lock replacement and rekeying needs.

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    How Does a Master Key Lock System Work?

    A lock system with a master key offers different levels of access and restrictions to your property.

    One master key can unlock a wide range of locks in your property.

    For example, your master key can unlock your front door,  back door, bedrooms, and storage room.

    On the other hand, the change key or sub-master key unlocks only one particular lock, such as your front door.

    If there are more levels to your master key system, you’ll have a grandmaster, great grandmaster, and great great grandmaster key.

    The grandmaster key can unlock all the master key locks, and so on.

    Should I Install a Master Key Lock System?

    This lock system offers a lot of benefits to property owners.

    The most important is that it offers more security because it allows you to control and limit access.

    However, you should know that the fewer the levels of your master key lock system, the more secure your property will be.

    You can hold the master key in the workplace and give each of your employees a sub-master key.

    This will give you full access to various rooms and amenities in the office.

    On the other hand, your employees can only access places and items that their keys can open.

    Another advantage of having this system is convenience.

    You only need to bring one key with you to be able to unlock different rooms and facilities in your commercial or residential property.

    Furthermore, it’ll also be easier for you to make and keep a spare key since you only need one.

    How Do You Employ a Master Key System

    For a key to work on different locks, the locks should be of the same brand, or have the same cylinder.

    In that way, you can rekey the lock pins to work from one key.

    Your master key can even work on different types of locks as long as the latter has the same cylinder model.

    You can have a master key that works on padlocks, file cabinet locks, and door locks.

    Thus, if your property doesn’t meet this criterion, our locksmiths will need to replace your locks.

    This isn’t a problem because we have sufficient experience in lock replacement.

    We will remove your old locks and install new ones correctly and efficiently.

    After the installation process, we will start rekeying each of these locks to have a master pin.

    Finally, we’ll test your master key system to make sure that all the master and change keys are working correctly.

    Lost Keys in a Master Key System

    If you have a master key lock system and lost a key, you must rekey depending on the type of the lost key.

    When you lose a change key, you’ll only have to rekey the lock that the lost key unlocks.

    However, if you lose the master key, then you need to change the lock pins in all the master locks,

    This will strengthen your security and guarantee that the old key will no longer work on your locks.

    Anyone who finds your key will not benefit from it because it is no longer functional.

    If you want to have a master key lock system for your home or commercial space, contact Hamiltons Locksmith.

    Our expert locksmiths will handle every step of the process for you.

    Thus, you have nothing to worry about because we’ve been doing this for many years.

    Schedule an appointment with us in Hamilton now.

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