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    Lock Re-Key Service

    Lock rekeying is a practical measure to ensure the security of your home or business.

    When you rekey, you’re limiting the access to your place since the old key will no longer work.

    Thus, people who have a copy of the previous key can no longer enter your property.

    Only you and the people who have the new key will be able to access your home or commercial property.

    If you are no longer secure and safe, you should consider rekeying your locks.

    Hamilton’s Locksmith can provide you with the reliable lock rekeying service that you need.

    At our company, our locksmiths are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security.

    Thus, you can rest assured that unauthorized people cannot access your home.

    Contact us from Monday to Sunday at any time for same-day lock re key service.

    Lost Key

    One common reason for a lock rekeying service is when you lose your key, even if it’s just a duplicate.

    Someone is likely to find your lost key, and that someone could be immoral.

    When your key falls in the hands of the wrong person, your safety and security will be jeopardized.

    Also, it’s possible that your key is not lost but stolen.

    Thus, to restore your protection and peace of mind, you should call your local locksmith for a rekeying service.

    At Hamilton Locksmith, we can rekey your locks as soon as possible through our emergency service.

    In that way, anyone who will find your lost key won’t be able to access your home.

    New Place

    We can rekey your new place in Hamilton.

    Rekeying the locks in your new home or office is crucial so that the previous tenants will lose their access to your place.

    You also need to rekey in case you have a newly constructed building.

    The reason for this is that the contractor or real estate agent may have a copy of your key.

    Thus, we recommend that you rekey so that these people will not access your property.

    Our certified locksmith will rekey your locks right after moving into your property.

    This ensures that only you will have access to your place as you gradually transfer your valuables.

    Rekeying After Eviction

    If you’re a property manager, homeowner, or business owner, you should know that you need to rekey every time someone moves out.

    If you’ve evicted a tenant or fired an employee, they could hold a grudge against you.

    And because they still have access to your property, they’ll still be able to enter it and cause chaos.

    To avoid this, you need to rekey your locks when someone leaves.

    You also need to re key when a housemate moves out for the same reason.

    Our technicians offer eviction locksmith and prompt rekeying services.

    We will provide you with reliable security on your property right away.

    Recent Break-ins

    Forced or not, break-ins are a traumatizing experience.

    If there’s no indication of forced entry, then the intruder might be someone with a copy of your key.

    It could be someone you know or someone who has found your key.

    Either way, you will want to void them of access to your key, or the way to do this is through a lock rekey service.

    Let our technicians handle your rekeying needs.

    Our team can strengthen your security by effectively changing the pins in your lock.

    Through this, the intruder can no longer use the old key to break into your house.

    In case of forced entry, we suggest you replace your locks instead of rekeying them.

    This way, you can improve your security and install a newer and more advanced locking system.

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    Whether you need a lock re key, replacement, installation, or other locksmith services, we got you covered!

    We are the most trusted locksmith company in the area because our team consists of certified and experienced locksmiths.

    They can effectively and efficiently address your security and locksmith problems.

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