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    If you buy a new lock for your garage or home door, you may find a number on the lock.

    That number is a grade, and each lock digit has different standards.

    National Standards Institute or ANS is a private company that creates this variety of locks with distinct standards.

    So, if you will choose the correct lock for your business or property, you must first understand the different grading systems that will provide you with more safety.

    These lock grades are typically written in the cover package of your locks when you first buy them.

    These locks are inscribed in numbers such as ANSI grade 1,2, or the last one is 3.

    ANSI creates these numbers in partnership with the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

    If you want to know more about American National Standard Institute’s lock grades, keep in touch in Hamilton’s Locksmith.

    They can provide you with further details about these locks.

    Additionally, if you want a better lock for your home or business company, we have a team of highly skilled locksmiths who will help you.

    They can give you durable locks and have added safety features that are necessary for your property.

    Our locksmiths in Hamilton offer effective and reliable services in both commercial and residential establishments.

    How Do They Grade A Lock?

    Before telling you about the variety of lock grades, we will first talk about how ANSI grades their locks.

    ANSI grade locks are typically graded with the lever or handle of each lock using the grading system.

    Even though the handle is the grounds for the grading, the deadbolt is the most critical part of a lock mechanism.

    Deadbolt type of lock is one of the most common and durable to prevent burglars from accessing your home or company.

    However, there are many locks, including smart locks, which you can buy from the market.

    That’s why, before you buy a lock, it’s better to ask first for advice from your trusted locksmith to know what type of lock is the best for your property.

    Grade 1

    Grade one locks are the topmost creation of ANSI, and they passed the grading system.

    These grade 1 locks are too durable that they can protect your home and businesses companies from criminals or intruders.

    If you want to see more of these locks, you can find them with most business properties as they use them from commercial security.

    You can also use these grade 1 locks and deadbolts for your home, but it’s too expensive and not practical.

    But, if you wish to have one for your home, you can arrange some legal requirements and provide the necessary budget for this product.

    Additionally, if you are still not satisfied with grade 1 locks, you can upgrade them with surveillance cameras to boost your security.

    On the other hand, finding or buying this type of lock is not easy.

    Also, you must first pass the requirements to buy a grade 1 lock.

    If you need this lock, your doorknob must withstand first the 800,000 cycles, six-door strike impact, and three hundred and sixty-pound weight test to earn this lock.

    Grade 2

    Another type of lock is the ANSI grade 2 lock.

    However, you cannot compare this to a grade 1 lock.

    It’s not as sturdier as ANSI grade 1 locks.

    You can find these locks in most light commercial properties that provide security for the building.

    Also, some apartment buildings and homes use this lock since they’ve passed the requirements needed to acquire an ANSI grade 2 lock.

    But, don’t try to use these locks for heavy commercial establishments as they are not more substantial and durable than ANSI grade 1 lock.

    Nevertheless, you can still use this lock for your house to provide you with good security to prevent burglars from entering your home.

    So, rather than purchasing a standard lock, we highly recommend you invest in a Grade 2 lock for your home.

    Grade 3

    The last ANSI lock is the grade 3 lock.

    According to American National Standard Institute, these locks have met the minimum requirements for a residential security application.

    You can mostly see these locks in apartment buildings, where you could also find grade 2 locks.

    Grade 3 locks may not be as sturdier than grade 1 or grade 2 locks, but they are better than standard locks in the market.

    We highly recommend using a grade 3 lock on the main entrance to our secondary entry points.

    If you still want to know more about lock grade,  kindly contact Hamilton Locksmith.

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