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We’re Hamiltons Locks, a local company here in Hamilton, providing Hamilton and surrounding areas with all maintenance services related to locks! We pride ourselves on bringing exceptional customer service, unparalleled quality and industry-leading turnaround time all without burning a huge hole in your wallet. We know that locks are what help keep your peace of mind at home, so our promise is to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

All of our locksmiths are fully vetted, licensed and insured, alongside having decades of experience that, put simply, ensures you’re receiving nothing but the best. All our crew are fully up-to-date with all the latest industry trends, and are fully equipped with the best modern technology has to offer. What does this mean to you? It means the job gets done fast, gets done properly and most importantly, to last.

Whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a burglary, or have simply lost your keys, then we here at Hamiltons Locks guarantee to bring your home back up to a safety standard that will make sure you feel nothing but safe at home. The safety of your family is paramount and we’re a specialist team that can provide advice and solutions to help prevent any further break ins.

Being in the business as long as we have, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible suppliers that meet our strict criteria for not just value but performance and longevity, too. We want our customers to feel as though everything we provide is built to last and that’s why we stand by every part we use in the form of a fully comprehensive warranty. Not just on the parts, but the work we carry out also!

If you’re in an emergency, or just need some questions answered, then why not give us a call? Our friendly customer service team is always on-hand and ready to assist you. Alternatively, you can leave your contact information in one of the forms on our website and we’ll give you a call back!

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