Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

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    Keyless systems are getting famous and are common in most residential places.

    This is because you will no longer need those handy keys that you keep on losing every time.

    However, mechanical locks are the origin of all locks, and most property owners still use them to protect their homes.

    In this article, we will talk about mechanical locks vs electronic locks.

    So, if you want to switch from a traditional lock to a more futuristic one, you’re on the right page.

    We will also talk about the pros and cons of the mechanical and electronic types of locks.

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    Difference Between Mechanical And Electronic Locks

    The most typical explanation for electronic locks is that they use a battery to work.

    Additionally, smart locks can sometimes have a light-up keypad and can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.

    On the other hand, mechanical locks usually don’t need any battery to operate.

    You just need to insert your keys into the keyhole and turn it clockwise to open the door.

    Before we go to further details of these two locks, here are some of the pros and cons of traditional and smart locks.

    Electronic Lock Advantages

    1. Electronic locks are easy to use and be installed.

    All you need to do is call your trusted locksmith and ask them for the best electronic lock for your home.

    1. Electronic locks can provide you with various codes that you can input or delete whenever you want to.

    One of the best features of a smart lock is that you can delete and create new code on our smart locks.

    In this way, the hackers will find it difficult to access our home because of the tight security of your electronic locks.

    1. Smart lock has keypad light for the dark area.

    If a blackout emerges, you can still see the code you’ll input to access your property.

    1. Smart locks come with many designs that you can choose from.

    In this new era of technology, there are tons of designs too for a specific product.

    So, if you’re a techy type of person, you can choose from many designs of electronic locks that will make your property more modern.

    Electronic Locks Downsides

    One of the common problems with electronic locks is that they use batteries that could last for a short time.

    If you notice that your smart locks are not responding from your remote controller, it indicates that your battery is dead.

    If that’s the case, replace the old battery with a new one.

    Mechanical Locks Advantages

    Most people still want to continue the tradition of using mechanical keys because of the simplicity and easiness of function.

    1. Mechanical locks work smoothly.

    If you’re the type of person that loves handy keys, mechanical locks suit you.

    You just have to put your correct keys in the keyhole, and the door will open smoothly.

    1. Traditional locks are easy to use and install.

    Everyone has the capability of installing mechanical locks on your door.

    However, it is still best if you let the professionals do their installing job.

    1. You can also change codes whenever you want to.

    If you feel that someone might know the passcode of your lock, you can change the number in an instant.

    In this way, burglars or thieves might find it hard to enter your home.

    1. No battery needed.

    One of the best advantages of your mechanical locks is that it’s now battery-operated.

    In this case, your mechanical locks will last for a long time without worrying about when you should replace the battery.

    Also, you don’t need to purchase and expensive battery to protect your home.

    Mechanical Locks Downsides

    The one thing that mechanical locks don’t have is the light keypad.

    In case of a power surge, you’ll need a flashlight or camera phone light to unlock your door.

    So, if you need help on choosing between a smart lock or electronic locks, call Hamiltons Locksmith to help you select the best lock for your property.

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