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    There are various brands and models for locks across the globe.

    You won’t run out of choices ranging from simple heavy-duty padlocks up to automatic lock systems.

    Every year, there are many lock innovations to provide the best product lines and product series to the world.

    The best thing you can do to prepare for lock investments is to assess your safety needs.

    Think long-term in terms of protection and danger.

    If, for example, you own a business that needs a high level of security in high-density levels of foot traffic, it’s best to set up high security locks.

    At least as the years go by, you’re sure about having working locks that provide high protection to your growing business.

    Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a small business owner or commercial building owner to get high end locks.

    Investing in high security locks in your household is a sure way of increasing the security of your safe space.

    On top of getting high caliber locks, it’s also necessary to entrust your locks to experts in the field.

    We are Hamiltons Locksmith, and we are present to give our work to you.

    No matter what lock grade or product brand you want to set up in your property, we are your partner locksmith in Hamilton.

    Steps to choosing high security locks

    If you are a beginner in selecting locks, you may find it a challenge to choose the best locks for your property.

    Don’t worry, as we are here to offer you some steps to select your first high security lock models.

    Step 1: Assess the lock material

    If you have a lock unit in your hands, check for the material of the lock first.

    Manufacturers use various metals and compositions to compose a lock model.

    The higher the metal components, the higher the hardiness of the lock against forces and additions.

    Moreover, locks are also subject to corrosion and external exposure.

    Any of these external factors can affect the durability and the material of the lock in the long run.

    Step 2: Check for the bolt strength

    The bolt is the part of the lock that slides to the other side of the frame.

    As such, this metal bar is responsible for keeping the lock together with the entry point.

    Heavy-duty locks tend to have stronger bolts as a complementary package.

    Choose bolts that are made out of steel.

    Strong bolts can withstand attacks, bludgeons, hard strikes, and any efforts for forced entries.

    Step 3: Test the complexity of the lock model

    The more complicated a lock is to open, the more time it takes to bypass any entry.

    Choose locks that have the kind of mechanism complexity you can handle well.

    There’s a saying that goes “the devil’s in the details,” and the more details a lock has, the more skill and precision it takes to take it apart.

    Check for lock cylinders’ complexity and internal arrangement to assess if the high security locks are challenging enough to buy you some time.

    Consider this as a way to buy more time in cases of unwanted entry.

    Step 4: Examine for the cut precision with respective key

    Keys and locks should always go together.

    You can’t have high security locks without the respective high end key that goes with them.

    Check for the mechanism of the keys along with the lock function.

    The more details in the lock cylinder mechanism, the more precise the key cuts should be.

    This results in a key that is difficult to replicate to gain access to your locks.

    Step 5: Compare with other locks for resistance to picking and drilling

    Lock picking and lock drilling are some of the most common forms of bypass to a locked entry.

    Unfortunately, the rise of high end locks resulted in the surge of bypass devices.

    There are many machines and tools in the market specifically made to gain access to high end locks.

    The first step is to assess the weak points of the lock that can come from either the material, complexity, strength or its other characteristics.

    Compare the current resistance points and methods of any high end lock brands and models, and find a lock that provides higher resistance.

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