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    It is scary and frightening at the same time when someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night.

    If you’re in this situation, it’s normal to ask who might be that person that is knocking on your front door.

    At Hamiltons Locksmith, we have a team of certified locksmiths that will install a peephole for extra protection.

    Our team of highly qualified locksmiths will provide you with the best and high-quality peephole for your property.

    So, if you need this kind of device, don’t hesitate to call us.

    We provide reliable and efficient locksmith services in Hamilton.

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    Do You Need A Peephole On Your Front Door?

    A peekhole or peephole is a small hole that gives you access to seeing the outside of your front door.

    If you suspect that there’s someone you don’t expect to have and is knocking on your door, you can see them on the peephole.

    In this way, you’ll have the option of whether you will let that person go inside your house or not.

    Assuming that the person is a stranger, you can immediately tell your family and other people inside your property.

    As a result, the peephole will give you time to call help or the police in case this kind of emergency emerges.

    That’s why to prevent this kind of situation; you must prepare and establish a preventive security measure on your property.

    We highly recommend installing a peephole on your main entrance to upgrade your security.

    We suggest installing a peephole on your door to enhance your home security.

    Contact your most trusted locksmith to help you establish a security measure on your front door.

    By doing a quick action such as upgrading your security, you can avoid unnecessary situations from happening in the future.

    Who Needs To Have A Peephole Installation Service?

    If you’re living in an apartment or house without a fence and gate, we recommend you install a peephole on your door.

    The reason for this is that your visitors might be standing and waiting for you to open your front door.

    On the other hand, if your fence is not too high, you can check if your visitor is outside your property.

    Nonetheless, you can also install a high-security alarm system and surveillance cameras to provide you with more security.

    Surveillance cameras are a safety device that is similar to a peephole where you can see visitors or other people outside your property.

    Don’t Hire An Amateur Locksmith To Do The Installation.

    An expert locksmith can install a peephole quickly and accurately.

    There are many DIY videos on youtube on how to install a peephole on a door.

    However, we do not recommend you to do it for safety purposes.

    In case you still want to do it, remember that peephole installation comes with drilling holes in your front door to put the small lens.

    There are cases where some people hurt themselves during the drilling process, and they go to experts to finish the project.

    Additionally, if you don’t have the experience in doing this work, you might end up having a large hole in your door, and the lens won’t fit in.

    So, we highly recommend you to leave this work to the experts.

    Other Residential Services In Hamilton

    Safety and security must be your top priority to protect your family from criminals.

    So, our company offers other locksmith services such as lock installation.

    Even though you have access to seeing the people outside your door, they can still break into your home if you have weak security.

    Please remember that burglars and criminals don’t knock on doors and they break them instead.

    Because of that, your life might be in danger if you will only invest in a standard lock.

    You can prevent this situation by adding extra security to your door to help you avoid any dangers.

    Hamilton’s Locksmith offers lock installation services and other services such as:

    • Door lock Services
    • Lockout Services
    • Lock Fixing Services
    • Rekeying Services
    • Key Replacement Services
    • Locksmith Eviction Services
    • Crash Bar Installation
    • File Cabinet Lock Installation
    • Lock Installation Service.

    So, do not settle for less and book with us now!

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