Why Should You Rekey Your House

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    Rekeying is a practical way to reinforce the security inside your house.

    When you rekey, you don’t need to purchase new lock hardware.

    Instead, your locksmiths will simply alter the configurations of your lock pins so that a different key will operate the same lock.

    You can prevent people who have the old key from accessing your home through a lock rekey service.

    Why should you rekey your house?

    Learn more about the importance of rekeying by reading below.

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    How Often Should You Rekey Your House

    Rekeying is a vital security measure that protects your home against intrusion.

    By rekeying your door locks, people with previous access can no longer enter your property.

    So, if you want to be assured of your home’s security, you must rekey your house between 6 months to two years.

    However, some situations will prompt you to rekey your locks right away.

    1. You’ve recently moved into a new place.

    You must rekey your locks every time you transfer to a new place.

    Rekeying will guarantee that no other people will have access to your property.

    For instance, if the previous tenants have the old key, they can’t enter your place anymore because the key will not work.

    Rekeying will also give you peace of mind since you have no idea how many people have the old key to your place.

    1. A roommate moved out.

    Like the first reason, you need to rekey your home if one or more roommates moved out.

    Rekeying will prevent previous tenants from having access to your place.

    This will give you peace of mind, especially if you’re on bad terms with your roommate.

    1. You’ve experienced a break-in.

    In case your house has been broken into, you can either rekey or change your locks.

    If you’ve lost a key or it got stolen, then that could be the reason why you’ve experienced a break-in.

    Another reason for intrusion is a weak security system.

    Hence, we recommend that you change your locks instead of simply rekeying them.

    You must replace your locks with high-quality and reliable ones to avoid the same traumatizing incident.

    1. Your key has been stolen or lost.

    Misplacing your key is less consequential than when it’s been lost or stolen.

    That’s because losing a key or having it stolen can compromise your house’s security.

    When your key falls in the hands of the wrong person, your home will be vulnerable to attacks.

    Intruders won’t even have to use force to enter your house because they have the key to your place.

    This exhibits how crucial it is to rekey your house after you lost a key or it has been stolen from you.

    1. You’ve lost track of people who has a copy of your key.

    You should keep people who have access to your place at a minimum.

    You must also ensure that these people are trustworthy and that you can easily reach out to them in case of a lockout.

    However, if you can no longer remember how many people have a key to your place, you need to rekey right away.

    1. You want to have a master key system.

    You must rekey locks in your house if you want them to work with a master key.

    The master key system will only work if your locks come from the same manufacturer or have the same keyhole.

    By rekeying them, you’re changing their internal pins so that they can be operated using the same key.

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