Why Is My Car Key Not Working

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    Imagine you’re all dressed up for work, and the only thing you have to do is hop in your car and drive to your office.

    But suddenly, one thing doesn’t go as planned – your car key isn’t working.

    Many car owners do not expect their key fobs to stop functioning simply because they always have their car.

    But unfortunate things, such as not being able to unlock and start your car, happen.

    Whether you have a lock or key fob problem, you need to resolve the issue immediately or be late for work.

    Why is my car key not working?

    In this article, we’ll explain the reasons for a malfunctioning or non-functioning key fob.

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    Damaged Car Lock

    Your physical key isn’t working because you have a broken car lock cylinder or assembly.

    If your car lock suffers from an impact, the impact will render the lock broken and nonfunctional.

    Besides apparent damage, depreciation and wearing out also cause locks to stop working.

    If your car locks have been with you for a long time, then you might need to replace or repair them.

    To prevent this from happening unexpectedly, you must assess and maintain your car locks regularly.

    Blocked or Frozen Car Locks

    Hard dirt and debris stuck inside your car locks will prevent your keys from penetrating the locks and unlocking them.

    Car locks may also freeze due to cold weather, which causes them to stick.

    As a result, the locks will not turn and work with the key.

    Faulty Car Keys

    Although it’s unusual to happen, your car keys may be chipped or broken.

    This results from dropping or pressing too hard on a low-quality key.

    Chipping or cracking on the car keys may not be evident.

    Nonetheless, a minor change in the grooves of your key will already prevent it from working on your car locks.

    If your key is at fault when you can’t unlock or start your car, contact your local locksmith for a key replacement.

    Dead Batteries on Key Fob

    Key fobs work because of batteries.

    If these batteries run out or are low on juice, then you can expect your car key remote to stop working.

    You can avoid having a dead battery on your key fob by taking note of the battery life of your car key.

    Typically, key fob batteries last for 3-4 years.

    So, if your battery is already three years old, you must replace it already or keep a spare fob battery.

    Worn out and Damaged Car Key Remote

    Like traditional keys, key fobs also wear out after years of use.

    The wirings and buttons will deteriorate as the fob ages and more quickly if you don’t take care of your key fob.

    The internal parts of the fob may go out of alignment or become damaged if you constantly drop them.

    When that happens, the car fob won’t be able to send signals to your car effectively.

    You won’t be able to open your car remotely and only do so through a physical key.

    Unprogrammed Key Fob

    Remote car keys are programmed to work specifically on your car.

    If you’ve just bought your car or obtained a replacement key fob, then you should program your car remote first.

    You should also reprogram your key fob if you’ve changed your automobile’s battery or key fob battery.

    Only hire a licensed and professional locksmith for proper car key programming.

    Improperly Copied Key

    If you’re trying to use a duplicate key to unlock your car, but it won’t work, then it’s probably the culprit.

    An improperly copied key will not work with your car lock because the grooves may be different.

    Thus, the key will not work with your lock, and you’ll need to go back to a locksmith to obtain a functioning key.

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