What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

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    Smart locks are advanced security devices that operate in ways different from traditional locks.

    You need to insert a physical key in the keyhole and turn it to unlock the device in traditional locks.

    This is not the case with smart security devices.

    Smart locks may have a built-in keypad, biometrics scanner, or any other form of access.

    One advantage of installing a smart lock is that they offer reliable security and more.

    Some smart locks will allow you to monitor who enters your building and at what time.

    These smart devices can also avoid lockout incidents since you won’t need a traditional key to unlock your door.

    What is a smart lock? And should I install one?

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    Different Types of Smart Locks

    The following are the most common types of smart locks in residential and commercial buildings.

    Keypad Locks

    One popular type of smart lock is the keypad lock.

    Sometimes, it could be a combination of a keypad and a keyhole.

    This type of lock has a built-in numeric keypad, through which you will input the correct code to gain entry to a building.

    Unless your hardware has a keyhole, you no longer have to use a mechanical key to unlock the door.

    Thus, your chances of getting locked out are thin.

    You don’t have to worry about bringing your keys every time you go out of your house.

    WiFi Smart Locks

    WiFi smart locks need to connect to a WiFi and smart home hub for it to work.

    You activate this security device through your smartphone.

    This is incredibly convenient, especially since most people always bring their phones with them.

    Once you have the necessary connections, you can remotely use your phone to operate your door lock through an app.

    You can lock or unlock your door from virtually anywhere, so you have a high degree of control.

    Thus, your heart will no longer skip a beat whenever you forget to lock your door.

    With WiFi smart locks, you can also monitor who came in and out of your property and at what time.

    Bluetooth Smart Locks

    Bluetooth-enable locks also offer the same convenience as smart locks, or even better.

    With this device, you won’t even have to open an app on your phone.

    Your door will automatically unlock once it has sensed that your phone is nearby.

    Usually, this Bluetooth feature works if you are within 30 feet of the smart lock.

    Most homeowners prefer having Bluetooth locks without the wifi connectivity.

    This is because the Bluetooth feature alone is more secure.

    Bluetooth smart locks require proximity for access, unlike WiFi smart locks which you can operate remotely.

    Thus, a hacker needs to be close to the lock to bypass it and break into your property.

    Biometrics Smart Locks

    A more advanced type of smart lock is the biometrics lock.

    This security device has a biometrics scanner, typically for fingerprint, eyes, or facial recognition.

    For this smart lock to work, your data should be input into the system.

    You can only gain access to the building if you’re authorized to do so.

    Like all other keyless entry systems, a biometrics smart lock will lessen the instance of locking yourself out.

    This is because you don’t need any key at all but yourself.

    This type of smart lock also gives you a high level of supervision.

    You’ll be able to know who accessed your building and when they accessed it.

    Professional Smart Lock Installation in Hamilton

    What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

    We recommend installing a smart lock for your property.

    However, you should know that smart locks are more expensive than traditional locking hardware.

    On the other hand, it is a good investment because it provides high security and a high degree of control and supervision.

    Just make sure that you choose the right type of smart lock that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

    For professional installation of smart locks in Hamilton, only trust Hamiltons Locksmith.

    Our licensed technicians have the right expertise and tools to install high-quality locks correctly.

    Book with our locksmith in Hamilton today for same-day service.

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