Remote Keyless Systems Explained

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    Remote keyless systems are typical in automobiles.

    You won’t need to use a physical key with this type of lock, hence the term keyless.

    Instead of a traditional key, you’ll need a remote key to unlock and lock your door.

    In cars, this key is called a key fob, an electrical key that looks like a remote.

    Usually, remote keyless systems offer more than just the lock/unlock feature.

    You can also start your car with your key fob.

    Remote keyless systems will be explained further in this article.

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    How Does a Remote Keyless System Work?

    Keyless systems are an electronic type of security system that is typical in cars.

    This type of locking system allows you to lock or unlock your door at a distance.

    As a result, you no longer have to get closer to your car to unlock it.

    Remote keyless entry is possible thanks to the radio frequency communication between the transmitter (key fob) and receiver (lock).

    When you click a button on your remote key, it will send an RF signal to the electronic lock system inside your vehicle.

    For this communication to happen, you need to be within a certain distance from your vehicle.

    Once the lock receives the signal, it will then execute the command.

    Advantages of Remote Keyless Systems

    Remote keyless entry is a convenient way of entering a building or a vehicle.

    If someone wants to get something from your car, you don’t have to accompany that person to your vehicle.

    You can simply click on your remote to unlock the door even if you’re inside your home.

    Another awesome thing with remote keyless systems is that they are favorable in the winter.

    Through this system, you’ll be able to open and start your car while you’re still within the warmth of your home.

    This means you’ll spend less time out in the cold because you simply have to open the door and get in your car.

    If you have a remote start, you can also set the temperature inside your vehicle by turning on the thermostat.

    Remote Keyless Systems Explained – Is it safe?

    One frequently asked question regarding remote keyless systems is whether they are safe and secure.

    Cars with remote keyless entry are at risk of getting stolen.

    However, thieves will need advanced technology and devices to achieve this.

    What happens here is they use this device to mimic the signal that your remote key emits.

    If you’re inside your house with your key, they can use the device to amplify the RF signals from your key.

    When your car recognizes this signal, it will unlock and, consequently, be stolen.

    While this is alarming, you shouldn’t panic.

    Modern cars, especially those that have passed the keyless car theft test, are more secure.

    You can also increase your vehicle security by following the safety measures below:

    1. Keep your car key fobs in signal-blocking pouches.
    2. Turn off your key fob. Consult the user manual to learn how to switch off the wireless signal from your remote key.
    3. Keep your gates or garage locked.
    4. Park somewhere that is well-lit and equipped with a CCTV.
    5. Set up a tracking device.
    6. If you have a pre-owned car, reprogram the key fob for your security. The seller may not have given you all the copies of the key to your vehicle. So to be sure, you should reprogram your remote key.


    Remote keyless systems are an exceptional technology.

    It allows you to operate your vehicle door lock without inserting and turning a physical key.

    Keyless entry is also convenient since you can unlock or lock your door at a distance.

    However, remote keyless systems are at risk of relay attacks.

    But, you can follow some security measures to improve your car security.

    Consult with Hamiltons Locksmith to help you deal with your car lock and security systems.

    Our team will readily attend to your needs and resolve your concerns.

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