Rekeying Your Business In Hamilton: What You Should Know

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    If you have a company and the locks have been worn out due to years of usage, it’s necessary to either rekey or replace them.

    It’s the same if you newly bought a house wherein you need to have a new lock to prevent outsiders or people who have a copy from entering your property.

    Before we proceed to the critical parts, let us enlighten you first about rekeying procedure.

    When a locksmith rekeys a home, they replace the old lock pins of your door in order for the new key to work.

    In this way, you can rest assured that no one can enter your establishment without your permission.

    Rekeying is one of the top services we offer at Hamiltons Locksmiths.

    Our team of certified locksmiths in Hamilton will rekey or change your locks for better security.

    So, if you need one of these services, keep in touch with our locksmith company.

    We are open from Monday to Friday, including weekends, without an additional charge fee.

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    Which Is The Best Between Rekeying And Changing Lock Service?

    As I mentioned above, either rekeying and replacing process will ensure the security of your property.

    If your company has been using the same old lock for decades now, you might need to choose one on this process.

    That’s because old lock mechanisms have also been worn out due to regular use and need to be replaced or rekeyed.

    Locksmiths will provide you with a new pair of keys to operate your new locks by rekeying your locks.

    So, if you want to enhance your security, ensure a skillful and reliable professional locksmith to help you with this problem.

    Which Is More Cost-Effective? Rekeying or Changing Locks?

    If your lock still gives you the whole function, you should go for the rekeying process.

    Rekeying is more cost-effective since the locksmiths will only change their lock pins and not the whole item.

    On the other hand, replacing locks might be more expensive because locksmiths will need to buy new lock equipment.

    Because of this, they will put additional fees that include lock installation, changing service, and the new hardware.

    So, we only recommend you to go for a replacement process if your lock cannot give you its entire security for your establishment.

    If that’s the case, it’s necessary to change locks, especially for commercial buildings that need tight security.

    In contrast, if the lock gives you complete security, rekeying procedure is what we recommend doing.

    After all, it’s not good that you’ll throw your lock if they could still give you heavy safety in your place.

    Here are a few things you might need to consider before selecting the two processes.

    • If your lock is destroyed and no longer reliable, you should change them.
    • If your house is too old and needs renovation, you should also replace the locks.

    Signs That You Need To Go For Rekeying Service

    If your company is newly built, you should ask for rekeying service to ensure no one will enter your establishment.

    That’s because the construction workers and the company who made your building can still have the key to access your property.

    So, to ensure your safety and security, we highly recommend you call your trusted locksmith to rekey the locks on your building.

    In this way, you can guarantee that no one will access your building without your permission.

    So, in this situation, you need to have a reliable and good quality locksmith service to guarantee your safety.

    Professional Locksmiths In Hamilton

    If you’re looking for a company with a good record throughout the past few years, that company is us.

    At Hamiltons Locksmith, we have a team of trained locksmiths that have the skills and experience in repairing, installing, and rekeying locks.

    Hence, we can provide rekeying service to your company to ensure your security from burglars and criminals out there.

    So, if you need a trustworthy and dependable locksmith company, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Our certified locksmiths can go to your place without any delay.

    Once we’ve arrived at your establishment, we will first check if it can still be rekeyed or need to change the locks.

    Feel free to call us at any time of the day as we are open from Monday to Friday, including Saturdays and Sundays.

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