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    Changing locks is a vital security measure.

    You can prevent other people from entering your property by changing your lock hardware unless they also have a key.

    Changing your locks with a newer and better one will also reinforce your home security.

    As a consequence, you’ll feel at peace and secure whenever you leave your house, or you’re inside of it.

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    What is Lock Change Vs. Lock Rekey?

    Lock change refers to the replacement of the old lock hardware with a new one.

    On the other hand, lock rekey means changing the internal configuration of the same lock.

    Thus, the original lock hardware will be retained if you opt for a lock rekeying service.

    Locksmiths will only change the lock pins or tumbler to change the key that will work on it.

    Because of this, you can expect a lock change service to be costlier than a rekeying service.

    Besides paying for the service charge, you also have to pay for your new locking device.

    Moving Into a New Place

    Replacing the door locks is imperative whenever you move into a new place.

    Previous occupants may still have a key to your place, so they can still access it if they want.

    Even if your place is newly built and you’re the first tenant, you still need a lock change service.

    Your real estate agent and contractors may also have a key to your home.

    To be safe, you should change your locks or rekey them at least.

    Worn-out or Faulty Locks

    As your locks age, they will become less secure and effective.

    Old locks tend to malfunction more often.

    As a result, your key may not work with your door lock and lock you out of your home.

    Older locking devices may also be outdated in terms of their level of security, so you can still be at risk of intrusion.

    Hence, to be more confident that your home is highly secure, you must change your old locks with newer and better hardware.

    Lost Keys

    Rekeying or changing your locks is necessary if you’ve lost a key to your place.

    This is because the key may fall in the hands of a bad person, thereby jeopardizing your home security.

    To guarantee that no one will break into your home using the lost key, you should change or rekey your locks.

    A Roommate Moved Out

    You also need to change or rekey your locks in case a roommate moves out of your place.

    Changing your locks will give you peace of mind that your previous roommate will not be able to access your property.

    This is especially opportune if you aren’t on good terms with your old roommate.

    Many People Has Access To Your Place

    It’s a good thing to give a close friend a key to your place.

    In that way, you can call her up to open your door if you get locked out of your house.

    However, it’s no longer expedient if you’ve given several copies of your key to several people.

    You may have already lost track of whom and how many people have a key to your place.

    If you’re in such a situation, you must change your locks to start anew and monitor people with access to your place.

    How Often Should You Change Your Locks?

    Locks age and deteriorate, which can impact their security and reliability.

    So, if you haven’t changed your locks for a long time, it’s high time that you replace them now.

    Ideally, you must replace your locking hardware every seven years.

    But if you encounter situations that will prompt you to change your locks earlier, then you should.

    By doing so, you can ensure that your home is a safe and secure place for you and your family.

    Hamiltons Locksmith is your partner in ensuring the reliability of your locks and keys.

    Call us today for a residential or commercial lock change service in Hamilton.

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