How To Prevent Locking Your Children In The Car

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    As a responsible parent, you should always be on the lookout for your kids’ safety and well-being.

    Young ones are curious and playful, and they sometimes don’t think about their safety when they’re in their zone.

    Hence, it’s up to you to keep them away from things and situations that will harm them.

    One such unfortunate event that you need to avoid is to lock them inside your car.

    Keeping your children inside your automobile is dangerous because they might play with the things inside your car or suffocate.

    How to prevent locking your children in the car?

    We’ve listed a few tips to help you deal with your playful little ones.

    In case your children accidentally locked themselves inside your vehicle, call a locksmith right away.

    Call Hamiltons Locksmith for expert car lockout service in Hamilton.

    1. Educate your children not to play in a parked car.

    Educating your kids is the best way to keep them from playing inside your vehicle.

    Talk to them and tell them that it’s not safe to play inside a vehicle, especially without adult supervision.

    You can also describe the possible consequences if they get locked in on the other side of the door.

    By giving them such lessons, they’ll become aware of why your car isn’t a safe space to play in.

    1. Don’t leave your children unsupervised.

    If you’re driving with your children, don’t leave them inside your vehicle when you go out.

    For example, if you’re going to buy from a convenience store, you should bring your kids with you.

    Don’t keep them inside your car even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes.

    At the same time, you shouldn’t leave your kids unattended when they’re playing in your garage or near it.

    This is because they might sneak into your car and accidentally lock themselves in it.

    1. Keep your car door locked when it’s parked.

    To young people, the car in your garage is an excellent hiding spot for their hide-and-seek game.

    When they notice that the door’s unlocked, they will take the opportunity to get into your car and hide there.

    If you’re not watching your children, you might not notice that they’re missing and are locked inside your automobile.

    Therefore, keeping your parked car locked is a great preventive measure against children locking themselves in the car.

    1. Make sure that you have your keys before your children enter your car.

    Don’t allow your kids to get inside your vehicle unless you’re sure that your car keys are in your pocket.

    In that way, you can avoid locking yourself out of your car and your kids inside.

    In case the doors suddenly lock, at least you have the keys with you to immediately unlock the doors.

    1. Open the window before securing your children in their seats.

    For added safety and security, you can open your car windows before letting your young ones enter your car.

    By doing so, you’ll be able to unlock the door through the open windows.

    1. Keep a car key duplicate.

    Another essential tip that can save your children from future lock-ins is keeping a spare car key.

    If your car locks by itself and your car keys are inside, you can use the duplicate to access your car.

    Hiding a spare key for lockouts or accidental lock-ins can save you time and keep you from becoming frustrated.

    1. Put your local locksmith’s contact on your speed dial.

    When you have children, you should always be ready for anything.

    Because of this, you should save your locksmith’s contact on your emergency contacts.

    When you have your locksmith’s contact, you can reach out to them as soon as possible.

    Expert locksmiths can immediately respond to your locksmith concerns, such as when you accidentally locked your children in your car.


    Keeping your children safe is one of your primary duties as a parent.

    In line with this, you should know how to prevent locking your children in the car.

    For emergency car lock-ins and lockouts in Hamilton, call Hamiltons Locksmith.

    We have certified lock technicians who can work promptly and efficiently to rescue your children.

    Our team also offers high-quality residential and commercial locksmith solutions in Hamilton.

    Book with us now for same-day locksmith services.

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