Should I Replace Or Repair Keyfobs

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    Key fobs are the technical substitution for your old car keys.

    It can open and close your car’s door, start the engine, and even sends other commands to your vehicle.

    Key fobs are more fragile than your traditional keys, so you should better take care of them as they can be damaged once you drop them.

    This article will discuss whether I should replace or repair keyfobs if they malfunction or take damage from falling into the ground.

    In case you have a broken keyfob, you can contact Hamiltons Locksmith.

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    What Does a KeyFob Do?

    Most modern cars nowadays have added additional security features for convenience.

    That’s why they use a keyfob or keyless entry system to make things easier than traditional keys.

    Keyfob enables you to access your car easily by simply clicking the correct button for unlocking, locking, and starting the engine.

    Furthermore, today’s new vehicles don’t have the old keyhole where you can insert your traditional keys and use a keyfob instead.

    So, if you want to be a more futuristic type of person, a keyless entry system suits you.

    However, you should care for them as they are so fragile, and the repair can be costly.

    If your keyless remote malfunctions, here are some tips that you can follow if you should replace or repair your keyfob.

    Check The Remote First

    Before trying to repair your key fob, check if your remote performs all the correct functions.

    If the vehicle doesn’t respond to your keyless remote, the issue might be on your fob’s battery or the computer system.

    Try to reset or change the battery first to inspect if that’s the culprit.

    Signs That Your Keyless remote Is Failing.

    Here are some of the most common errors of a keyfob.

    Reduced Signal Strength

    A decreased signal on your key fob is the most common failure of every keyless entry system.

    A well-conditioned key fob can send or transmit signals within fifty feet of range.

    But, if you suspect that your keyless remote weakens, it may have a problem with your battery.

    On some occasions, your fob’s battery wears out and loses its signal.

    If this is the case, you might need to change the battery immediately.

    Too Many Click Attempts

    The second indication of a failing keyfob is several clicks on the remote to unlock or lock your car’s door.

    That’s because a healthy keyless remote requires one click to function.

    If you encounter this type of problem, you need to change your battery and operate it again.

    If the fob still doesn’t function well, send them to a professional locksmith for an immediate repair.

    Don’t Do DIY Repairs.

    If your keyless remote takes a lot of internal or external damage, don’t try to fix them as you could cause more problems.

    It’s best if you let professional locksmiths do their job and try to repair your injured keyless remote.

    Find The Valet Key

    Old cars have a feature called the valet key.

    It is an extra key up with the old model of vehicles.

    A valet key is just an extra key that comes up with every car.

    Although most modern cars use a key fob, some owners still have their valet key in an emergency.

    Typically you can find this valet key inside your key fob.

    Press the tiny button on the side or at the back of your key fob to release the valet key.

    If you can’t find the valet key, read your car’s manual.


    There are many reasons why your key fob can malfunction or lose its signal strength.

    But, if you’re stuck in this type of situation, it’s essential to have an extra spare key to avoid any frustrations.

    If you lose your original key fob or you want to have an extra set, you can contact Hamilton Locksmiths.

    We have a team of reliable and skillful locksmith experts that can make you a new set of keys even without the original copy.

    We also have commercial and residential locksmiths for your house doors.

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