Auto Key Fob Replacement

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    These modern-day key fobs are the best alternative for your handy old keys.

    It has the same function as your traditional keys that can open or close any car door.

    However, you should always use this keyless remote safely as they are more fragile than you anticipated.

    This article will discuss auto keyfob replacement on whether I should replace or repair key fobs if they malfunction or take damage from falling into the ground.

    If you have any problem regarding your keyfob, call Hamilton’s Locksmith.

    We have a team of expert technicians that can repair or replace your injured keyless correctly and accurately.

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    What Can A KeyFob Do?

    Typically, fobs are made just like your traditional handy keys.

    The primary function of a keyfob is to unlock or close your vehicle’s door without using the keyhole.

    Additionally, more car users today upgrade their vehicle’s security features by using a key fob for more comfort.

    You can access your vehicle through a keyless remote by pressing the right button on the fob.

    In this way, you can easily open or close your car without placing the handy keys on the keyhole.

    Furthermore, aside from locking or unlocking, you can also start your car’s engine in an instant.

    But, you should maintain the excellent condition of your key fob as they can malfunction anytime, and the cost of repair is too expensive.

    If your keyless remote is broken or malfunctioning, call your trusted locksmith to solve the problem immediately.

    Signs That Your Fob Is On The Verge Of Failing

    Before you repair or replace your keyfob, check the signs below of a faulty keyless remote.

    If still, your car doesn’t respin to the remote controller, it’s the best time to bring your keyfob to an expert for an immediate repair.

    Unresponsive Controller

    One of the typical errors that could occur in a keyfob is the decrease in signal strength.

    If you notice that your remote controller is very unresponsive compared to when you first bought it, try to check its battery.

    Occasionally, the main culprit for this problem is that your battery runs out of juice.

    If that’s the case, replace the battery with a new one.

    In this way, you can use your keyfob again correctly.

    Several Clicks Needed To Function

    Another sign of a faulty keyfob is too many attempts to open, close, or start your car’s engine.

    A good conditioned keyless remote requires only one click to function thoroughly.

    If you find it challenging to use, you might need to change the battery.

    If it is still not performing well, bring it to a professional locksmith to find the culprit of the problem.

    Don’t Try To Do Your Own Repair.

    If you have a problem with your remote controller, don’t fix it independently, as you could cause more problems.

    However, if you have the skills and experience in repairing this kind of issue, you may do so.

    But, we still recommend that you let the professional locksmiths handle the repair and do their job.

    It’s best if you let professional locksmiths do their job and try to repair your injured keyless remote.

    In this way, you can use your keyfob again without having any added problems.


    Typically, your keyfob can weaken and will have a problem in the future.

    However, if the issue occurs too soon, you might consider replacing or bringing them to a locksmith for an immediate repair.

    One of the best solutions we can provide you is to have an extra fob key.

    In this way, you can just use the spare key whenever you’re in a rush meeting or an emergency.

    If you need an extra set of keyfobs or traditional keys, you can contact Hamilton Locksmith.

    We have a team of highly skilled locksmith professionals who have years of experience dealing with key issues.

    We have professional locksmiths in Hamilton if you need keyfob repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We also offer locksmith services in both residential and commercial establishments.

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